The past two years have seen a huge increase in counterfeit products around the world being passed off as Genuine Social Smoke products. We have made various announcements and posts highlighting the issue and providing information on what to look for.

With so many fakes in some markets, such as Brazil and Germany, it is getting frustrating for those of us who really do want the best and original quality which we don’t mind paying for because, … well because it’s the best!

So here at Social Smoke we’re taking yet another step to assure our customers that they are getting the ‘real deal’ for their hard earned money.

We are now introducing an entirely new anti-counterfeit sticker with a traceable serial number code and a hologram for extra security.

How does it work?


Hologram Label Features:

  • “Social Smoke” printed on top of label
  • Unique traceable verification serial number on the bottom of label
  • QR Code on label that matches serial number on label
  • Clearly Visible, Unique 3D Features
    • Disappearing Images and numbers
    • Deep Image
    • Bright Holographic Red Security Icon

Anti-Counterfeit Identification

Once you have reviewed the hologram features, visit, to check the code.

These new labels have started rolling on all new shipments as of November 2017, but in the meantime, of course, any existing products in circulation will not have the labels.


Germany Announcement & Distribution Update
We receive emails and calls daily inquiring about where to purchase Social Smoke Tobacco in Germany as well as requests to shed light on rumors and misinformation circulating around the German market.

Made in USA
Social Smoke Tobacco and Social Smoke Tobacco German Edition are manufactured in Arlington TX USA. In particular, we do all manufacturing, flavoring, and packaging in-house. We have not partnered with any other third-party company or outsourced our manufacturing to any other factory or any other country nor do we have any plans to do so. Rest assured that the quality and taste that has made Social Smoke famous around the world is being produced in our time-honored tradition and by our master blenders in the same factory that started it all in 2009.

Germany Distribution Update
Currently, the only authorized distributor of Social Smoke Tobacco in Germany is Caesar Shisha (near Hamburg Germany) which stocks all flavors of Social Smoke Tobacco in 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Please reach out directly using the contact information below for more details.


Caesar Shisha

In addition, Chtoura GmbH is no longer an authorized distributor of Social Smoke Tobacco nor Social Smoke Tobacco German Edition.

We strongly recommend purchasing Social Smoke Tobacco directly from an authorized distributor to ensure you are buying genuine Social Smoke Tobacco. If at any point you are having trouble purchasing Social Smoke Tobacco products please contact us directly for assistance.