As we stated on a previous post, Social Smoke has gone through tremendous changes in 2015.  We produced and marketed new blends, enhanced our social media network, streamlined and upgraded our processes, and displayed at a record number of tradeshows.  So what do we have to look forward to in 2016?


2016 is going to be Social Smoke’s year of community.  Last year was all about establishing our new brand.  Now that we have created the platform it’s time for us to bring in the community and enhance our social media presence.   How the public views our company and blends is extremely important to us.  We usually create new blends based on requests and reviews of friends and people within the community.  When we display at a Tradeshow we are always asking what people want to see next.  What flavor they would love to try.  What do they love about our product. And what just doesn’t work.  We believe that Social Smoke is as successful as it is because of the care and attention we pay to our fans.  Public opinion is important and can make or break a company.  That’s why this year will be the year of our blog and website.


Its obvious that social media can be one of the most important factors to a company’s success.  Just think about how many times you use Facebook, Twitter, etc on a daily basis and how many new brands you are exposed to on those forums.  We’re hoping that Social Smoke, through our website, www.socialsmoke.com, will have a more powerful and complete presence on these forums. So we have spent countless hours perfecting our new website, and for the first time ever, have started a blog about our favorite subject, hookahs!  Through both platforms we hope to inform and share the exciting new things happening at Social Smoke.  Look for posts about new blends, reviews of existing ones, times and places where we will conduct blend parties, and fun facts.  


We are also excited to announce that we plan to release over 10 new blends this year.  Of course as each one comes out we will announce and review them on our website and blog. Our partners at Hookah-Shisha have also committed to spending time and effort in  sampling and promotions.  Honestly it is a great partnership that is guaranteed to bring out the best of both companies and showcase our blends to perfection.


Last year we displayed at a record number of tradeshows and this year will be no different.  We can’t wait to visit old friends and make new ones as we travel from USA to Europe showcasing our newest blends at some of the most exciting trade shows the hookah world has to offer. 
So stay tuned as we get ready to kick off 2016 with a bang!