2016 has been an interesting and very successful year for us at Social Smoke.  We’ve been busy,  testing out new blends, making new friends, presenting at old and new tradeshows, handling counterfeit issues, understanding the new FDA regulations, and working on enhancing our social media presence.  We’ve learned a lot this year and are looking forward to starting 2017 with a host of new ideas for making Social Smoke the best producer and distributor of hookah tobacco in the US and around the world.

But first, let’s take a moment and review some of the things that made 2016 both challenging and rewarding for the Social Smoke family.

The Company

Social Smoke began this year as a leaner more intense company focused on the continued growth and success of our tobacco blend line.  With our simpler more streamlined processes we’ve found our marketing, distribution, and customer care departments able to work with greater efficiency and more concrete output.  This has effectively allowed us to  fulfill, execute and even surpass our marketing and distribution goals for 2016.

The Tradeshows

We’ve participated in a record number of trade shows this year.  Some were great, some were busy, and some were duds! We started the year at the Tobacco Plus Expo and Tradeshow in Las Vegas for the third year in a row. A few weeks later we were in Frankfurt Germany for the 2016 Hookah Fair.  This wonderful show will also be on our standard list of ‘go to’ tradeshows for 2017 and is one of our favorites.  We took a chance and exhibited at the Miami Asia America Tradeshow.  While this one was fun(read dud), we feel that our energies would be better served at tradeshows that solely concentrate on tobacco products and accessories. Finally we wrapped up the 2016 tradeshow season at the Intertabac Tradefair in Dortmund, Germany. This was our second year in a row exhibiting at InterTabac and we’re looking forward to participating again next year.  The ability to participate in so many shows at so many different venues all across the US and Germany was only possible through the more focused and streamlined attitude and ability of our company.

The Blends

While we didn’t release any new blends in 2016, we spent most of the year creating, testing and sampling several blends that will be released early in 2017 as well as expanding our manufacturing center in preparation for 2017. Stay tuned to the blog for updates on the new flavor releases.  We are excited to see Pear ChillPistachio Breeze, and White Gummy Bear really take off in 2016. Along with Absolute ZeroVoltage, Watermelon Chill, and Lemon Chill; Pear Chill, Pistachio Breeze, and White Gummy Bear have become some of our best sellers this year!

Counterfeit Issues

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and in this we became aware of counterfeit Social Smoke Tobacco being sold around the world.  While we started dealing with this issue as swiftly as we possibly could earlier this year, it is unfortunately an ongoing problem as we face the new year.  We will be implementing changes very soon to make counterfeit products easier to identify quickly.  For more on this issue check out our blog post: Counterfeit Social Smoke Tobacco.

FDA Regulations

On May 5th, 2016, the FDA passed measures that will regulate the production and sale of all Hookah tobacco and accessories in the United States.  We are still learning more about changes to come and are complying with every measure.  For more information on the passing of these new regulations, please check out our blog post: New FDA Regulations.

Social Media

While the launch of the new Social Smoke website occurred in late 2015, 2016 is the first year of an active Social Smoke blogs .   We have published 20+ posts this year  and are hoping to double that number in 2017.  We’ve been planning ways of having a larger more relevant presence in 2017 on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Well that’s it for 2016.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts and news as they came out this year.  We always enjoy hearing from our customers so please feel free to comment below or email us through the contact page of the Social Smoke website.

Have an Amazing New Year!