Banana Foster

For anyone who has ever been to New Orleans knows that it is a city of unforgettable experiences, strange and beautiful people, and some of the best and spiciest food in the States. There is something really special about New Orleans. It’s a city that promises excitement and sultry experiences. It’s Cajun undertones keeps things hot and spicy and the heartbeat of the city is in its sweetness and unforgettable people that reside there. It’s impossible not to fall in love with New Orleans and the smorgasbord of fun and seductiveness that it offers. Pretty much any restaurant, cafe, or even home you visit there produces these unforgettable can’t find anywhere in the world sweets that I crave for years after having them. My favorite, and New Orleans is the only place that makes it right, is banana foster. I love bananas and this dessert is only for those who have a passion for the sweet fruit. Banana Foster is ripe bananas covered in rich vanilla ice cream and topped with a sauce made from butter, cinnamon, and rum. It’s rich, gooey and sweet. Some people add all spice and banana liqueur, but in New Orleans they sometimes add anise seed to the sauce which gives it a bit of a kick and light it on fire. It’s a fun presentation and the end result is something unforgettable! 

Social Smoke’s March blend is Banana Foster and I can honestly say that it’s a blend that lives up to its namesake. In this blend you get more of a cream flavor to compliment the banana. Sometimes banana blends could be a bit overpowering in their artificial sweetness so the overall smoking experience kind of has a sticky, sickly feel to it. But in this blend the banana flavor is more subtle. It’s in the background, you taste banana but what really stands out is the cream perfectly blended with the kick of cinnamon. So you breath in banana and exhale spice. It perfectly mimics the feeling you get in New Orleans. Sweet and sexy.

For most people, this blend might not be one you would break out on a daily basis like apple or Pear Chill. It’s one that requires a certain mood and atmosphere. Something you smoke when you are among close friends out and about, looking for fun. It carries the excitement of New Orleans without the astronomical calorie count of its signature dessert. So this weekend, dress up, go out, and enjoy Social Smokes take on Banana Foster.

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