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Mint has always been and will always be one of the classic hookah blends. Like Double Apple, it’s a flavor that is easy, consistent, and holds true until the bowl is spent.

What makes mint delicious and better than many of the ‘classic’ blends is that it packs a bit of a zing. A ‘wow’ effect that tantalizes the senses, refreshing, yet also relaxing. And it’s this dual effect, relaxing while invigorating, that makes any mint blend so popular.

Mint carries a pretty powerful punch for a herb that is nothing more than a simple leaf. But it’s that same powerful kick that turns so many people off of it. It’s a flavor that overwhelms all other ingredients. It will always stand out be the first thing you taste in your smoke, drink, or food.

Personally, as a hookah blend, mint always starts off delicious and stimulating, and ends as a bit acidic and harsh. I’ve always found myself changing blends half way through a bowl because the mint had become too much to handle. That was until I discovered Social Smoke’s Absolute Zero.

Absolute Zero is an icy mix of mints with a sweetness that seems to cut through the harshness that mint naturally carries. And it’s this unique, softer take on the classic blend that has made Absolute Zero one of Social Smoke’s best selling and most sought after blends. Every inhale perks up your senses with a mint rush, while the exhale carries a sweetness, almost a berry undertone, that softens the intensity.

The smoke clouds come out thick and fragrant, but not overwhelming. Absolute Zero perfectly bridges the duality of revving you up while calming you down. And without a doubt, it’s probably one of the most delicious minty blends on the market. So the next time you are going out or setting up your hookah for a relaxing night in, try Absolute Zero, and get lost in clouds of mint.

And if you are looking to add a bit of icy tartness to your smoke, mix Absolute Zero with Social Smoke’s Arctic Lemon. The mint and lemon mix perfectly into a chilling lemon drop shot!

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