Have you ever been at the store and had to take a minute to decide what flavour drink you want? Or what chocolate bar to get, or even what liqueur would be the one to hit the spot that night. Not those times when you just blindly choose something you know is good and move on. I’m talking about those days when you stand in front of the display, mouth a bit open, and you take the time to actively contemplate what to choose. Then, when you’ve finally made a choice and you are ready to indulge, there is just a moment, one moment when all is right with the world and you get this feeling of complete and utter euphoric satisfaction. It’s an enlightening feeling and one that only comes when everything falls into place and the thought behind the action is as satisfying as the actual act.

When it comes to smoking hookah, there should be a lot of thought put into the flavour, because it’s one that will stick with you for a while. If you think about it, an average, lightly packed bowl, usually takes about 45 minutes to smoke out, if you are the only one smoking it, at a relaxing pace. The whole experience needs to be an hour of pure euphoria. And that’s why the flavour of the night needs to be well thought out. Because if the flavour is off, it doesn’t matter how awesome the smoke clouds are, or how great the company is, you just don’t enjoy it.

I’ve learned that the classic blends like applemint, and lemon, while great and delicious in their own right, just don’t work when I’m actually taking the time to plan a hookah night. They don’t pack that special punch of satisfaction I’ve come to depend on from my hookah sessions. Because of that, I think I’ve gotten a lot more adventurous in the flavours I like to indulge in.
And one of my new favourites, because it always brings a smile to my face every time I think about smoking it, is White Gummy Bear.  I mean, seriously, smoking a gummy bear! It’s gotta be one of the coolest and silliest hookah flavours out there. It makes me happy just thinking about it. White Gummy Bear is usually a burst of pineapple cooled with peach, cherry, and some citrus. Pineapple has always been one of my favourite blends because I love anything sweet, but in a lot of blends it gets to be too much after that fourth or fifth pull. It’s sweetness starts to turn a bit soapy and then you get that same feeling you have when you’ve eaten way too much candy, or drank too many of those syrupy sweet cocktails. So while I loved the concept the flavour was usually more than I could handle. That was true Until I tried Social Smoke’s version of White Gummy Bear.

The one thing you can always depend on when it comes to the Social Smoke blends is the perfection of lightness they manage to achieve with even the sweetest of flavours. We pride ourselves on creating blends that are flavourful but light enough, you can smoke several bowls without getting sick or tired out. And we’ve hit a homerun with our White Gummy bear blend. The pineapple is there, but it doesn’t carry the heaviness of artificial pineapple flavouring. It’s a bit crisper, almost like biting into a just ripe pineapple. And the aftertaste is a smooth and slightly tart peach and cherry flavour that cools down the next pull of pineapple. It’s the exact taste of a white gummy bear without the sickly sweetness of drinking too much of it. And it hits all the points on the “hookah experience hierarchy,” great flavour that doesn’t burn out, awesome clouds, and a lasting aftertaste. So the next time you are having a moment of choice, contemplate trying Social Smoke White Gummy Bear. We can almost guarantee that moment of satisfying enlightenment.