Miami baby! This iconic city filled with unique and beautiful people, interesting architecture, world class beaches, and some of the most flavorful and delicious South American food is also home of the Asia America Trade Show with Feria de Exportadores de America

The Asia America Trade Show centers around the import and
export markets of Central and South America. There you can find an eclectic mix of vendors displaying clothes, cigars, electronics, foods, and with the participation of Social Smoke…hookah tobacco and accessories.

This will be Social Smoke’s first time participating in this show and we are beyond excited. Asia America runs twice a year. The first one, which launched earlier this year, focuses more on imports from Asia into the US.  This second one is all about export products from Asia and the US into Central and South America. The largest trade show of its kind, the marketing follows more the traditional ‘word of mouth’ advertising that is still the strongest and best way to launch and popularize products in the South American region.

Social Smoke has always had a strong and loyal following in Central and South America, and with the launching of our tobacco blends, our brand has become interwoven with the South American hookah culture. In light of that, Social Smoke has always made a conscious effort to tailor some of our flavors,  like Mango Habanero and Dulce de Leche to give off the unique and distinctive feel that could only be found in the Central and South American culture and cuisine.

We feel that the Asia America Trade Show will be more than just an opportunity for us to display some of our awesome blends and flavors.  Social Smoke is looking forward to using this platform as a stepping stone to network and cultivate new and exciting contacts in the South American business world.

The Asia America Trade Show will run from August 21st to the 23rd at the the beautiful Miami Beach Convention Center. Our booth will be located near the front of the trade show and we will display a few of our more popular blends like  Absolute ZeroArctic LemonCantaloupe ChillPear ChillWhite Gummy Bear; and some of more unique and distinctive blends like Dulce de LecheBaja Blue, and Watermelon Chill.

Unfortunately, the convention hall has a strict no smoking policy, so we won’t be able to sample the blends on the convention floor. But we will be giving out free samples, and spend some time discussing our flavoring process.

So if you are in the Miami area please stop by for an awesome sample of our blends and meet some of the wonderful people that make Social Smoke possible. We’ll update some pictures and impressions of the show later next week.

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