New Flavor


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Social Smoke is proud to release the newest flavor to the Social Smoke Tobacco line, Cucumber Chill.  A labor of love a year and a half in the making, Cucumber Chill embodies Social Smoke’s commitment to produce high quality tobacco that is delicious, smooth and authentic in flavor.

Cucumber Chill is a calming and fragrant mix of fresh, green cucumber, cooled with mint and softened with slight undertones of floral and herb nuances. It’s a cool and easy smoke, that calms and relaxes. It’s uniqueness lies in its absolute authenticity to the flavor of cucumber without the use of additives to enhance its quality and taste. And, like all of our other blends, the flavor stays strong until the very last exhale.

When opening a can of Cucumber Chill, the smell of mint overshadows everything else. Its aroma is deceptive giving off the impression that this blend is all mint. But once smoked, the fresh, snappy flavor of the cucumber overtakes every inhale, while the mint is a soothing, cooling complement in every exhale. The herbal and floral components in this blend subtly twist into the flavor adding depth and a stronger sense of ease and relaxation.

Cucumber Chill smoke clouds are thick, heavy and aromatic of mint. Cucumber Chill is definitely a blend that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis but will truly shine on hot days or nights when you are looking for a smoke that will cool  and refresh you. In fact we believe that Cucumber Chill could easily slide itself into the category of ‘classic’ blends. Meaning it’s one that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, all the time.

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In our next post we will be reviewing Social Smoke’s second new release of the year, Grapefruit Chill.  So check back with us next week to learn more.