It seems like everywhere you go you can see evidence that the Holiday season is just around the corner.  And everyone knows that the Holidays are all about spending time with family and friends and indulging in sweet, succulent foods that make your taste buds sing.

We always start off the year with these great goals of eating healthy and losing weight.  And many of us are able to stay true to those goals until the holidays hit  and cafes start to sell these rich, sweet, caramel covered, pumpkin spiced confections that destroy any will power we have with only a glance at their sugary goodness. 

That’s why this month’s Social Smoke blend is Dulce de Leche.  Dulce de Leche, literally means candy of milk or milk jelly in Spanish.  It is a sweet sauce made by heating sweet condensed milk until it changes color and flavor.  It’s used to enhance and sweeten many Latin American desserts, and has become a popular addition to a lot of the confections and drinks found at our most popular coffee shops.  Like caramel, Dulce is succulent, but its milky texture gives it a richness that is thicker and heartier than caramel, making it a more versatile dessert sauce.

Social Smoke’s take on Dolce stays true to its sweetness, but isn’t as overwhelming a flavor as the actual sauce.  It holds a strong caramel scent to it once opened, but the rich smell actually masks its lightness and delicacy of flavor. This blend is a more creamy with hints of vanilla.  Its sugar intensity makes Dolce sensitive to high amounts of heat, so I find that it’s the perfect ‘mixing’ blend.  It easily compliments many other flavor profiles without overwhelming the underlying ingredients.

My favorite blend to mix Dolce with is Social Smokes Horchata Cajeta, a sweet rice milk flavor  with hints of cinnamon.Dolce  brings a creamy undertone of caramel milk to this blend.  I also like how it helps to complement and intensify the taste of toffee in Social Smoke’s Arabian Nights .  Another great blend that Dolce makes even better is Social Smoke’s Hong Kong Milk Tea.  Mixing in Dolce to this blend makes it a creamier and sweeter flavor profile that’s great to smoke in the morning or early afternoon.  Dolce also mixes well with French Vanilla if you are looking for intense sweetness in your hookah.

Dolce de Leche is probably one of Social Smoke’s best ‘mix’ blends, and easily a favorite ‘stand alone’ flavor profile.  Either way you will be satisfied with the taste and sweetness this blend brings to your smoking session.

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