Flavors, blends, spicy, sweet, sour, strong and light.  When it comes to the different flavors of Hookah tobacco; there are literally thousands of different flavors, types of tobacco, molasses and honey used to make a hookah tobacco blend.  If you really think about all that’s out there, it’s pretty amazing that people are able to make a choice and even stick to one or two favorites.

But that wasn’t always the case when it came to Hookah flavors.  When the hookah/shisha/waterpipe was first invented; it was done so to pass the time in a pleasurable manner.  In the beginning, people enjoyed the hookah by filling the bowl with wet tobacco.  The flavor was strong and harsh; but it was still considered a very pleasurable way to relax and have a smoke.

As time passed, the hookah blends evolved and people started experimenting with ingredients to sweeten the taste of the tobacco and cut down on its harshness.  The very first hookah mixture was tobacco leaves mixed in honey.  A combination that is still the foundation of almost every hookah tobacco flavor out on the market.  Later, as more and more people enjoyed the sweetness of the tobacco and honey mix, dried fruit was added to give the tobacco a more complex taste.

It’s that blend of honey, tobacco and dried fruit that birthed the famous ‘‘classic’ hookah tobacco flavors like Double AppleGrapeLemon, and Mint.   At the time, these ‘new’ hookah flavors were considered revolutionary. They were tasty, relaxing and the ultimate in the hookah smoking experience.  And for many years, the ‘classics’ maintained their popularity as the all time, absolute best blends in the hookah market.  And they are still strong contenders today as the best hookah flavors with the more experienced hookah smokers.  Hookah lovers who have consistently smoked hookah for more than 10 years and more traditional smokers from the Middle East, are still more likely to consider the classics as the ultimate hookah tobacco flavors.

With the evolution of the hookah over time and continents, more sophisticated techniques were developed to produce radical and unique flavor profiles.  Hookah culture grew to become a worldwide phenomenon and with it, the need for bold and daring blends became the new norm. The need for change galvanized the hookah tobacco industry to produce flavors that fit ‘new’ hookah smokers palette for anything and everything different.  And that’s when brands like Social Smoke, started to become series competitors in an industry that, in the past, had been dominated by the oldest and most well known hookah tobacco companies with a reputation built on providing the best ‘classic’ flavors.

Almost every Hookah Tobacco company has a stock of ‘classic’ flavors in their line; but today, the thousands upon thousands of different and more complex flavor blends like Social Smoke’s White Gummy BearAbsolute Zero, and Cinnamon Roll,  have definitely changed the hookah industry for the better.  Of course the ‘classics’ will always hold their role as the oldest and most dependable (for some) hookah flavors on the market.  But variety has brought new life to the hookah.

Choosing, trying and reviewing new flavors, blends, and mixes has become the most exciting component of smoking hookah.  The availability of the these new more complex flavor profiles, and the different companies marketing them, has definitely put the power of choice in the consumers hands; and changed the hookah industry forever.

So what’s you favorite flavor or blend?  Do you think the variety has made the hookah better? Or do you still prefer the classics?  Let us know in the comments below.  And check out next weeks post, the last of the Hookah Evolution Series: the Hookah.