Hookah Fair in Germany!

For the second year in a row, Social Smoke had the privilege to exhibit at this very special, international, and influential trade show. The show took place on April 15-17, 2016, and it was three days of insane excitement, business networking, and sampling of new flavors. Pretty much everything a hookah head dreams of!

Team Social Smoke arrived on April 13th to get a head start on setting up the booth and stayed until April 22nd to visit customers, network, and conduct market research in Germany.

The Experience
Last year, Team Social Smoke was literally running their butts off from start to finish. It was Social Smoke’s first time to exhibit at this show and no one had an idea of how busy it would be or what to expect from a consumer show in Germany. The team was understaffed and the booth was under stocked.
This year, in order to address the shortcomings of last year, Social Smoke carefully planned to double the tobacco inventory for the show and tripled the team members to service guests. Everyone was excited and and felt prepared, but they ran into some major issues that were luckily solved by one of our awesome business distributors in Germany.
The biggest obstacle the team faced was a strategic mistake on timing which delayed the shipment of tobacco inventory from arriving for the show in time. Luckily, one of Social Smoke’s distributors in Germany helped out by supplying the booth with Social Smoke Tobacco from their own stock. This saved the event, however the mixture of flavors, sizes, and quantities was not optimal to meet the demand.

The Booth

The Social Smoke booth was located in the heart of the exhibition hall, just to the side of the Hookah Fair’s own hookah/smoking lounge and event stage. Social Smoke’s most popular blends like Absolute ZeroLemon Chill, VoltagePistachio BreezeWhite Gummy Bear, and Watermelon Chill were displayed and the team was also excited to receive feedback on two of our yet to be released flavors, Cucumber Chill (a big hit), and our seasonal flavor Chocolate Cherry. While presenting the blends the team took the opportunity to discuss the counterfeit issues Social Smoke is facing with the business to business customers and industry partners. The rest of the time was focused on customer outreach, networking, catching up with and meeting new members of the industry and just enjoying this very special event.

Hookah Fair

No one thought that the organizers of Hookah Fair could do anything more to top the experience of last year. But this year they went all out in creativity to make the experience memorable and entertaining. There were more exhibitors, nearly double the amount of visitors, and a marked improvement in the overall quality and uniqueness of booths. They also added the Hookah Battle, a model contest, and other events during the exhibition. But the best part was the extra day they allotted exclusively for business to business meetings. This added value to the show by increasing business to business networking while also improving the consumer experience.

Team Social Smoke is excited to exhibit again at Hookah Fair 2017 and improving the experience of the Social Smoke Booth is our top priority. Next year, Social Smoke plans to upgrade the booth in order to accommodate a larger amount of visitors and also have more exclusive flavors that will be debuted at Hookah Fair.

Overall, Hookah Fair was an unrivaled success, and Social Smoke would like extend a warm thank you to everyone who came out to visit, sample, and review our products. The support and excitement received was both humbling and incredibly empowering. It is rare that a company gets to experience first hand, the joy of interacting with loyal customers and fans.

Here are a few of the photos the team took while at the Fair. Enjoy!