When you first hear of a blend called Voltage, you expect something electrifying and different. Something that packs a wallop of flavor. And Voltage lives up to its name. It has an unforgettable flavor that stays strong throughout the whole session while providing a more of a ‘sit and enjoy the sunshine’ type of experience. It’s electrifying in tasty it’s flavor profile is.

A cool, refreshing blend that is sweetened with watermelon, cooled with
lemon, and completed with the buttery smoothness of amaretto, Voltage is by far the most unique and complex of Social Smoke Summer flavor profiles.

It’s also one of the best blends to smoke during the day when you want something to help you cool off from the heat of summer. The watermelon and lemon are blended perfectly for a sweet and sour inhale, and the almond sweetness comes out in the exhale. The smoke clouds are thick and fragrant. With this blend, the almonds are so subtle that you taste a bit in the exhale, but you can really smell them in the smoke.

Imagine being at a picnic on a hot summer day. There’s fresh cut watermelon, tart homemade lemonade with lots of ice, and a sweet creation that the best baker you know has created. The perfect components for a relaxing, fun day out. Now imagine having all of that packed into a smoke! Great taste, no calories, and the same feeling of relaxation and enjoyment.

At Social Smoke, Voltage has become one of our staple blends and a top seller worldwide. It’s the one we always keep in stock for smoke breaks, which we seem to have a lot of, and it’s the blend our team consistently takes home to share with family and friends.  Voltage can be enjoyed anytime all day, everyday!

With the end of summer coming way to quickly…cool off with Voltage! And don’t forget to try Some of the more distinctive Social Smoke summer blends such as Pink Lemonade, White Gummy Bear, and Lemon Chill.

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