November has hit with a bang, and if you are in the States you’re probably still reeling from the election results and getting ready for Thanksgiving. It’s starting to get cold, the Christmas decorations are out, and Santa is right around the corner.  And the best part, better than getting to hang out with family, and even better than pumpkin pie…paid time off!!!!!  Yes, its that time of year where you actually have permission to go out, have fun, eat lots of great food, get drunk and not show up to work the next day… but still get paid!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays have always been a favorite at Social Smoke, and we want you to enjoy them to the fullest with a few of our fall and winter blends.  All of our blends can be enjoyed any time of the year of course, but some of our flavors just seem to taste better when enjoyed after a turkey feast or opening presents.

So November’s blend of the month will be a compilation of flavors that we think best suits the holidays.  We’ve stuck with rich blends that mix in spices and leave a savory aftertaste.  Blends that warm you up while tantalizing your taste buds.


An all time favorite and one that really is best enjoyed on a cold day or night is our Arabian Nights blend.  Arabian Nights is a blend of rich Gourmet Arabica coffee softened with subtle hints of cardamom.  For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of Arabica prepared in the Arabian or Turkish tradition then you know it is the absolute perfect end to a sumptuous meal, or even enjoyed while smoking. If you’re more of a tea lover, Social Smoke’s version of Chai Latte is also a perfect after dinner smoke.  Strong black tea mixed and sweetened with hints of cardamom and spices and smoothed with milk. Both blends relax, refresh, and warm you up from head to toe


Want something sweet and spicy? Try Pandora’s Box.  This blend is awesomely true to its namesake with the dark sweetness of ripe cherries spiced to perfection with bittersweet cinnamon.  A personal favorite, Pandora’s Box has always been one I enjoyed while hanging out with friends outside in the cold.  It always helped to warm me up and keep me awake after a heavy meal.  Plus I love the spicy aftertaste of cinnamon, which is the unofficial spice of the holidays.

If you are looking for comfort and warmth, like what you would get with a shot of scotch, without the usual aftereffect of falling into a coma like sleep, then try Vegas Bomb.  You get the fullness of scotch sweetened with butterscotch and energized with a zing of your favorite energy drink.  This blend is packed with everything we love about the holidays, spicy, sweet, warm and energetic.

But if you are like me and love anything and everything sweet and decadent on cold  wintry days or nights then definitely try our Cinnamon Roll blend, decadent cinnamon rolls sweetened with their classic frosting.  French Vanilla is another rich flavor with the sweetness of the vanilla bean offset by subtle hints of spices.  French Vanilla is a great blend to mix with our Dulce de Leche if you are looking to enjoy a milky caramel flavor.


And for our chocolate lovers, Social Smoke’s Chocolate Chill blends the savory sweetness of dark chocolate with a punch of mint.  This mix will keep you smoking for hours as you relax to its decadent flavor.

These are just a few of the awesome blends Social Smoke has in its collection.  We stuck to the sweet, savory, and a bit spicy blends to compliment the holiday season.  But if you are more into smoking fruity and tart mixes, take a look at our blend page and you will find a smorgasbord of flavors to entice and satisfy your smoking needs.  No matter which blend you choose, you will always achieve Social Smoke’s great standard of taste and consistency.  Let us know which blends you love to smoke this winter season, and please feel free to comment any questions you may have.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!