Pear Chill

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Comfort. Escape. Relaxation

When you have a bad day, or when you need to relax.  Or even when you just want to check out for a bit.  We all have things that we turn to that make the world feel better for a few moments, hours, days.  It’s your comfort  food, or place you go to.  Just something that you can always choose and know it works.

In the hookah world there are some blends that are the answer for those times you don’t want to think about it. The one’s that you turn to when you want to relax and enjoy a good smoke without making the effort.  Double Apple, Grape, Lemon, and Mint.  These are all blends that most avid hookah smokers know are the definition of ease. You know if you choose any of these blends you are going to have a great smoking experience.   

At Social Smoke one of our go to  ‘comfort’ blends is Pear Chill.  A sweet and tart mix with a hint of icy mint. Its unique and fun.  Tarty pears left to simmer in their own juices and sweetened with honey, and finally cooled with bits of mint. Its unique yet seems to have the everlasting comfort of time.   We know…that seems like a stretch.  But hookah tobacco isn’t only our business it’s our passion.  And time and time again we have found ourselves turning to this blend when we just want to have an ‘easy’ smoke. And if that’s not enough, the smoke clouds created from this blend are amazing.  So you have great flavor mixed with an almost hypnotic smoking experience.  What’s not to love? 

When we were first experimenting with this blend, we wanted to create a great flavor to add to the list. Pear isn’t well known in the American hookah blend market so we wanted to take a chance, and put our own little spin on the flavor.  Even so, Pear Chill was always special but it never seemed to have the pizazz wow factor of some of our other unique blends like Pistachio Breeze, Potion #9, and Voltage.  But as time passed, it slowly became “THE” blend at the company.  The one our team would consistently take home and enjoy.  Its funny how the ones you least expect to work become your most famous and sought after. Our friends at seem to agree with us.  We are proud to announce that per Hookah-Shisha, Pear Chill is one of the top new blends of 2015.

So the next time you are having a smoke, break out Pear Chill and let it relax and delight your senses.  You never know, it could be your next Double Apple or Grape!

Want to know more?  Check out these You Tube video’s by people reviewing Pear Chill.