Sultry warm nights, long hot days. Magic and possibility at every corner. No other season holds the anticipation and excitement that summer does. When we were younger, summer used to be all about long days without school, teachers and homework. It used to be about getting to hang out with friends, and staying up late watching TV. Summer was all about the freedom to do nothing.

Now that we are older, with jobs, kids, bills, bills, and more bills; dreams of spending days watching TV and doing nothing have become the stuff of daydreams. But it doesn’t stop us from trying.

Now, in order for that to become a reality most of us have to schedule ‘doing nothing’ into our daily lists of a million things to do. Lots of effort goes into a moment of pure freedom. And when you actually manage to achieve it, it’s pure bliss.
And Social Smoke, with their ‘made for summer’ blends can help to achieve that moment of freedom. Lemon ChillVoltageWatermelon ChillWhite Gummy Bear, and Pink Lemonade were all blends created with the idea of summer magic.

Each of these blends have the ability to refresh, relax, and hold the possibility of summer daydreams with each pull. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and sour and that describes Pink Lemonade to tee. The sourness of lemons sweetened with sugar and cooled with hints of sweet summer raspberries. It’s the epitome of summer warmth and possibility in a smoke!

And just like the drink, you can smell the lemons as soon as you open the bag. It permeates around the room and engulfs you in summer bliss. But the flavor isn’t too much. It’s sweet and sour and it’s light enough for you to enjoy a couple of bowls in a sitting. Unlike its namesake, the blends sweetness
doesn’t become overwhelming with time. So It could be the only blend you smoke in the night and you are completely satisfied and refreshed.  This is definitely not a blend to be smoked alone. It holds sweetness and fun with every pull, so it’s always better to share with those you love.

And as corny as it sounds, this is my favorite blend to smoke at night, with old friends, reminiscing about the crazy things we used to do. And every once in awhile, when I want to feel the magic of summer for just a few moments, this is the blend that brings it all back.

This summer, Social Smoke is all about kicking back, relaxing and spending time with those you love. So if you manage a few moments of freedom these next few months, break out the Pink Lemonade, Lemon Chill, or Voltage and take part in the magic that makes summer special!

Here are some other reviewers that are just as passionate about Pink Lemonade as I am! Please take the time to check them out, and as always let us know what you think. What’s your go to Summer blend?