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Welcome to the hottest month of the year! August is here and with it comes seemingly never ending heat filled days, back to school madness, and incredibly inventive ways to cool off. Hot days are known for producing record breaking stress levels, so this month, Social Smoke is all about relaxing and cooling off.

The Social Smoke warehouse fridges are overflowing with cooling drinks and our hookahs are always ready to smoke the stress and heat away. This month, the blend that fits the bill is Social Smoke’s Pistachio Breeze.

Pistachios are a deliciously exotic snack that pack a wallop of energy in a very small shell. Their creamy deliciousness makes it impossible to enjoy just one without grabbing a handful or the whole bag. They are also a high calorie snack that can help you pack on the pounds in an effortless, never feel overfull way. So at the end of the month, you’ve gotten through the heat but all your clothes have that too tight to wear feeling.

At Social Smoke, we believe you can always have your cake and eat it too! And our answer to enjoying one of the most exotic snacks out there, without having to pay the price of extra weight gain, is Pistachio Breeze . A unique and exotic blend of mixed unsalted pistachios, vanilla, and hints of saffron.

Pistachio Breeze is one of the most flavorful and relaxing blends of the Social Smoke line. It’s aroma is pure pistachio, sweet with a hint of spice. The blend is perfectly mixed to produce the heavy clouds of aromatic smoke Social Smoke blends are known for, and it’s flavor consistently lasts until the bowl is cashed.

The inhale brings with it the creaminess of vanilla, a bit of saffron, and the uniquely buttery and nutty flavor of pistachio’s. It’s an exotic blend that takes you to the steamy nights of India and the Middle East while melting all cares away.

So while it keeps getting hotter and your AC has given up the fight of becoming just a little bit cooler, give Pistachio Breeze a smoke and watch as stress melts away in a cloud of pistachio goodness,  with the added benefit of not having to shop for bigger clothes at the end of the month!

If your wanting to enjoy a creamier flavor of Pistachio, mix Pistachio Breeze with our French Vanilla blend…and voila…you’ve got pistachio ice cream in a hookah!

And later this month and September Social Smoke will be exhibiting at trade shows in beautiful Miami and always unforgettable Germany!

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