Germany Announcement & Distribution Update
We receive emails and calls daily inquiring about where to purchase Social Smoke Tobacco in Germany as well as requests to shed light on rumors and misinformation circulating around the German market.

Made in USA
Social Smoke Tobacco and Social Smoke Tobacco German Edition are manufactured in Arlington TX USA. In particular, we do all manufacturing, flavoring, and packaging in-house. We have not partnered with any other third-party company or outsourced our manufacturing to any other factory or any other country nor do we have any plans to do so. Rest assured that the quality and taste that has made Social Smoke famous around the world is being produced in our time-honored tradition and by our master blenders in the same factory that started it all in 2009.

Germany Distribution Update
Currently, the only authorized distributor of Social Smoke Tobacco in Germany is Caesar Shisha (near Hamburg Germany) which stocks all flavors of Social Smoke Tobacco in 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. Please reach out directly using the contact information below for more details.


Caesar Shisha

In addition, Chtoura GmbH is no longer an authorized distributor of Social Smoke Tobacco nor Social Smoke Tobacco German Edition.

We strongly recommend purchasing Social Smoke Tobacco directly from an authorized distributor to ensure you are buying genuine Social Smoke Tobacco. If at any point you are having trouble purchasing Social Smoke Tobacco products please contact us directly for assistance.


Flavors, blends, spicy, sweet, sour, strong and light.  When it comes to the different flavors of Hookah tobacco; there are literally thousands of different flavors, types of tobacco, molasses and honey used to make a hookah tobacco blend.  If you really think about all that’s out there, it’s pretty amazing that people are able to make a choice and even stick to one or two favorites.

But that wasn’t always the case when it came to Hookah flavors.  When the hookah/shisha/waterpipe was first invented; it was done so to pass the time in a pleasurable manner.  In the beginning, people enjoyed the hookah by filling the bowl with wet tobacco.  The flavor was strong and harsh; but it was still considered a very pleasurable way to relax and have a smoke.

As time passed, the hookah blends evolved and people started experimenting with ingredients to sweeten the taste of the tobacco and cut down on its harshness.  The very first hookah mixture was tobacco leaves mixed in honey.  A combination that is still the foundation of almost every hookah tobacco flavor out on the market.  Later, as more and more people enjoyed the sweetness of the tobacco and honey mix, dried fruit was added to give the tobacco a more complex taste.

It’s that blend of honey, tobacco and dried fruit that birthed the famous ‘‘classic’ hookah tobacco flavors like Double AppleGrapeLemon, and Mint.   At the time, these ‘new’ hookah flavors were considered revolutionary. They were tasty, relaxing and the ultimate in the hookah smoking experience.  And for many years, the ‘classics’ maintained their popularity as the all time, absolute best blends in the hookah market.  And they are still strong contenders today as the best hookah flavors with the more experienced hookah smokers.  Hookah lovers who have consistently smoked hookah for more than 10 years and more traditional smokers from the Middle East, are still more likely to consider the classics as the ultimate hookah tobacco flavors.

With the evolution of the hookah over time and continents, more sophisticated techniques were developed to produce radical and unique flavor profiles.  Hookah culture grew to become a worldwide phenomenon and with it, the need for bold and daring blends became the new norm. The need for change galvanized the hookah tobacco industry to produce flavors that fit ‘new’ hookah smokers palette for anything and everything different.  And that’s when brands like Social Smoke, started to become series competitors in an industry that, in the past, had been dominated by the oldest and most well known hookah tobacco companies with a reputation built on providing the best ‘classic’ flavors.

Almost every Hookah Tobacco company has a stock of ‘classic’ flavors in their line; but today, the thousands upon thousands of different and more complex flavor blends like Social Smoke’s White Gummy BearAbsolute Zero, and Cinnamon Roll,  have definitely changed the hookah industry for the better.  Of course the ‘classics’ will always hold their role as the oldest and most dependable (for some) hookah flavors on the market.  But variety has brought new life to the hookah.

Choosing, trying and reviewing new flavors, blends, and mixes has become the most exciting component of smoking hookah.  The availability of the these new more complex flavor profiles, and the different companies marketing them, has definitely put the power of choice in the consumers hands; and changed the hookah industry forever.

So what’s you favorite flavor or blend?  Do you think the variety has made the hookah better? Or do you still prefer the classics?  Let us know in the comments below.  And check out next weeks post, the last of the Hookah Evolution Series: the Hookah.


Hookah Fair 2017!  Hookah Fair is one of those rare tradeshows that delivers on it’s every promise in an energetic, busy, and unique three day event that Social Smoke looks forward to every year.  This will be Social Smoke’s third year participating in this event.  In 2017, Social Smoke is hoping to make this year at Hookah Fair the best one yet.

The Social Smoke team has been planning for Hookah Fair 2017 since we left last year.  This year we hope to go ‘all out’ with our exhibit. Our booth layout is bigger and more efficient, truly one of a kind.  Our team is pumped and ready to conquer this event.

Where and When

Hookah Fair is traditionally held in Frankfurt, Germany.  For those who haven’t visited this magnificent city, it’s definitely one you should put on your bucket list. Frankfurt’s famous and much awarded skyline is one that reflects its people’s ideals of modernization while maintaining an ecological conscience for the environment. Frankfurt has been awarded the international green building prize for its efforts to combine a modern financial and business hub with an awareness of their impact on the landscape.

The venue is at the magnificent Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt exhibition center).  One of the oldest buildings in Frankfurt and right in the heart of the city, this 578,000 square foot space is home to ten exhibition halls, two congress centers, and an exhibition space.  Hookah Fair will be held in Hall 1 on April 28th to the 30th from 10am to 6pm all three days.  The 28th is reserved for business professionals and distributors, with the 29th and 30th open to the public, ages 18 and up. Smoking is allowed and more information about the venue, ticket pricing, and exhibitor list can be found at the Hookah Fair website.

Social Smoke Booth

The Social Smoke booth will be located right in the middle of the hall at stand number F10. Social Smoke is especially excited about our booth layout for this years Hookah Fair.  We reserved a larger space to accommodate a more spacious and efficient booth.  We wanted our team to easily address customers and fans by cutting down on line waiting time.  So the front of this new booth will hold more hookahs for sampling and a bigger back of the house space for our team members to navigate.  We will still hold b2b meetings in a reserved space towards the end of our booth.


The best part of any tobacco trade show is trying new flovors.  This year, Social Smoke will sample our traditional all star flavors like, Absolute ZeroLemon ChillPistachio Breeze, and White Gummy Bear.  And we are excited to have everyone try two yet to be released flavors at show.  The names and reactions from guests will be on our Hookah Fair recap post next month. We will also have a stock of flavors from the Social Smoke line to sell directly at the booth.


To show our appreciation for everyone who will come out to visit us at the Hookah Fair this year, Social Smoke will have a raffle contest at the booth.  The grand prize is a custom glass made hookah with the Social Smoke logo on the base, and other prizes are some of your favorite Social Smoke flavors. We’ve also planned a special surprise that we know everyone will love.  More on that in the Hookah Fair re-cap!

Social Smoke is excited for this show to begin and can’t wait to share the re-cap details with you. For more information about Hookah Fair, feel free to email or comment below.  Also take the time to check out the Hookah Fair website; it’s a great source of info, images, and presents an overall feel of the show.  And please don’t forget to check out our Hookah Fair 2017 re-cap post next month, where we will share pictures, a summary of the show, and details on how everything went.